1. You may have notice my distinct lack of posts on here over the last few months, this is equally because of me being super busy, and also starting up a new blog as apart of the awesome website www.backyardopera.com, check it out, it’s called 'Knott Bad', click HERE to check it out.

  2. Photos of my experience of Laneway 2014, didn’t get a press pass for this one so had to sneak my camera in. All the photos are up on Backyard Opera check out the article here!

    Photos as appear in clockwise order: 

    Danny Brown, Sailor Jerry’s Barbour, Danny Brown, Lorde, Punter Girls, Punter with great bears, The Jezabels crowd, Jamie XX & Cloud Control.


  3. Griffith Uni, the educators behind the recently successful Danny Harley aka. The Kite String Tangle who came 16th on Triple J’s Hottest 100, have used my images on the website and an article congratulating his success, check it out HERE!


  4. While shooting the guys from Hlf Str for Backyard Opera a few months ago, also took up the opportunity to shoot their mate ‘Teith' visiting from England.

    Here are those shots.


  5. Took some photos of Deep Sea Arcade and supports at the first night of Visions, OAF,the other night for Hot Mosh Mag and Backyard Opera.

  6. Another shot with a bit of a ‘spur of the moment’ shot during the shoot with Montana Miller for the Back Yard Opera article.


  7. Two more editions from the hair shoot I did for www.bodyandsoul.com.au a few months back.

    Model: Nikki Walsh at Chadwicks

    Hair: William Webb

    Make Up: Velvet Jones

    Styling: Rachel Colless

  8. The photos I shot of the super talented Montana Miller ie. 'Wedding for One' have now gone up on Backyard Opera, check out her amazing and intricate art/fashion.

    Check out the full article here.

  9. Shot the Whitehouse Institute of Design 2013 Grad show this week for Backyard Opera, which was a pretty spectacular event.

    Lots of free drinks, amazing designs and industry celebs, check out the pics here.

  10. Took a picture of this guy in Woolamaloo just before we embarked on the OSO bear hunt a couple of weeks back.
    Interesting character, really wanted to show off his gang signs and his ‘abs’.